All Things, And The Future Too

Somewhen, back in the late 2010s, I wrote a novella-length space opera tale about an overweight loner upon a gunboat. That was Ejoq Dosantos, and his story has grown a bit since then. Novels, audiobooks, short stories, a podcast, a role-playing game, and a website. Stardrifter is about one man, and his search for meaning in a galaxy that guards its secrets closely.

This blog will explore Ejoq's future time, and the people in it. We'll talk about technology, societies, and the man, himself. We'll also cover Stardrifter news and new releases.

Right now, expect up to three issues per week, while the real life story of how the artist Ignatz and I came up with the design and ultimate illustration for the fictional Tottenberg class cargo starship runs its course. Interspersed with that, will be issues focusing on Stardrifter updates and essays.

It should be an interesting ride, and I hope any fan of the series (I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing), will can have a steady diet of Stardrifter content between new stories. I may even serialize the next novel here!

Come along for the ride. I promise to make it worth your while. Sign up, and take a stab at the future!

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I'm a writer, podcaster, and voice actor. My family and I live in the mountains of Arizona, with two cats and a dog.