A Problem Shared…

This is a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

In January of 2021, Ignatz, a professional artist who stumbled on my Stardrifter audio work at some point and became a fan, reached out to me and offered his services, should I happen to need them.

I did.

Together, we created a spaceship for my fiction and RPG efforts, starting with a simple floor plan made for another project, and ending with a beautiful design and 3D render. Ignatz and I bounced ideas off one another for months, discovering logical problems along the way, and solving them all. He did most of the heavy lifting, but I was in there swinging, too.

Jump on the list, and watch an exciting, creative, and productive design collaboration unfold as it actually happened! This isn’t a newsletter that goes on forever. I’m telling you now that we achieved what we set out to do. How, exactly, did we do that? Well, therein lies a tale.

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