Visualizing Cargo

Concepts and Designs

Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 1:04 PM


These images are just in the way of 'idea' snapshots to present a possible way to visualize the Hauler relative to the cargo container.

The first picture is presenting the linking-up process. Flood lights from the ship and an illuminated ring on the container. Heli-pad, anyone?

That cargo container is a place keeper. It will need some work to be a bit more believable.

The second picture is an idea of the haulers working in tandem to 'fly' a container. Yes, I know that the cargo containers these things can haul are potentially much larger. But I downsized the container a bit in order to actually be able to 'see' the two haulers at the same time (well, mostly).

Again, I stress that these are only 'idea' pictures, not a finished product.

Any comment?


- Ignatz