First Look

A Map Becomes A Model

After our flurry of exchanges, Ignatz got down to business! I was especially shocked by how closely this initial concept was to the one I had in mind during the playtest wherein we used the deck plans.

Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 2:39 PM


Late as usual, but... as the saying goes, "Life is what happens when you are making other plans."

So anyway, I've been tinkering around with that GM Cargo Ship.

The examples I've sent along with this email are nothing more than the first attempt(s). In truth, I've looked at this for a few days and I'm not sure if it is working for me. It's a bit of work trying to imagine how things might work from a practical and technical standpoint while putting graphics together. No matter what, I thought to send this rough work piece along so that (at very least) we could talk about what is either right or wrong with it.

I've taken a few liberties and made a few leaps in logic and some things are obviously missing. Also, it is far too early to even consider burning up time on trying to make beautiful detail, texture, ship markings and so forth if the major bits and pieces are unsatisfactory to you.

Liberty-wise, I've added some cargo loading hatches - top and bottom - on the front 'box' of the ship. To go along with that I added some viewing ports on the top and bottom decks. I just figured that even with cameras crew members might want to put eyes on the loading and unloading of cargo from time to time. In flight these viewing ports would be covered by protective covers.

You will notice some 'streamlining'. Well, not really such. We both know that there is no air resistance in space. In fact, I was thinking that even as strong as your polonium steel is, presenting an surface front to an possible collision would (possibly) serve to reduce the effect of impact, this in much the way that armour is angled off on fighting tanks to help deflect shells.

There are thrusters fore and aft on the side of the craft. As per your suggestion, I envision these being able to rotate for attitude and direction as required. I've made them 'big and greasy' for now. How large do these really need to be for purpose?

All of the thruster cones are out and exposed for the mo'. If they needed protection I would probably think of circular clamshell style doors.

There are missile banks mounted on the top deck as well as under the bottom deck. Things might get gnarly out there with so many pirates, so I've overdone it to be safe. Haven't mounted charpacs or lantern guns as yet.

Otherwise, the thing looks rather like a toy to me at this stage of development.

Feel free to make comments, cover it in the teacher's red pencil or even shred the files.

Cheers (and waiting for feedback),

- Ignatz